The wonderful silky liquid texture of Shape Reducer Body Elixir facilitates easy application and rapid absorption, with a deep-down nourishing action.

The various essential oils that make up its formula, such as Juniper, Lemon, Cypress and Geranium, reduce and help to eliminate fluid retention. Its unique formula is completed with a Mint Essential Oil that provides a refreshing action and tones the skin of the body.


* natural components of essential oils ** with organically grown ingredients


Cautions: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.* There may be colour or aroma changes due to the natural components of the product, however, this does not affect its quality whatsoever.

Use: Apply the Shape Reducer Body Elixir every morning with gentle upward massaging movements all over the body, on clean and slightly wet skin after taking a bath or shower. It is recommended to rub your skin with a body toner, such as Rosemary Alcohol or the Queen of Hungary Water first, in order to facilitate the complete absorption of the product.

Complete the treatment at night using Shape Reducer Body Oil.

To enhance their effectiveness, we recommend supplementing the treatment with Body Sculptor Nutricosmetic Pearl Supplements and that you visit the nearest Alqvimia Store & Spa centre, where you will receive specialised Body Sculptor treatments at the hands of our professionals.


The Shape Reducer product range is particularly recommended to treat overall body volume. This is often caused by fluid retention, so signs can be seen such as swollen ankles and legs, bags under the eyes and a sensation of inflammation or being bloated all over the body.

Here is a home treatment that will help you to reduce fluid retention, lose weight and feel much lighter.

  • In the morning
  • Take a shower using Shape Reducer Bath and Shower Gel.
  • After your shower, gently rub the Queen of Hungary Water body toner all over your body.
  • Apply Shape Reducer Body Elixir all over the body, massaging with gentle upward movements, starting from your feet up to your arms and hands.
  • Spray your favourite Eau de Toilette all over your body and hair.
  • During the day, drink plenty of water, take care of your diet and exercise regularly.


  • In the evening:
  • When you arrive home, light an Alqvimia Essential Anti-Stress Candle and add 10 drops of Anti-Stress essential oil blend to your Flask Diffuser.
  • Prepare a relaxing bath by pouring 10 drops of Shape Reducer essential oil blend, previously diluted in some Shape Reducer Bath and Shower Gel.
  • While you enjoy your relaxing bath, take some deep breaths, leaving behind all the problems of the day.
  • While your skin is still slightly wet, gently rub the Queen of Hungary Water body toner all over your body.
  • Apply Shape Reducer Body Oil all over your body, massaging with gentle upward movements.

Use the Naturally Pure Body Scrub once or twice a week. This is a smooth natural exfoliant that will provide elasticity to your skin and will improve microcirculation, which will in turn improve skin renovation.

This is a very effective routine if it is done every day in a disciplined way. To achieve better results, do not hesitate to go to any of our Alqvimia Store & Spa Centres for a weekly Silhouette treatment.

Our ambassadors will recommend the treatment that is right for you and our therapists will accompany you on this transformational journey.